Education Through Television Essay

Education Through Television Essay-17
Some people hold a viewpoint that it can never be educational at all.

Some people hold a viewpoint that it can never be educational at all.

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One can argue that for many people television is no longer the main source they get the latest news from but it is practically impossible, however, to find a family that doesn’t have a television.

We certainly don’t gather around the television any more as our parents used to every evening in the 70-90s to watch a new fabulous film or discuss the latest news.

One thing that the Internet cannot give you now is picture transmission.

Many will start arguing that it can but let them realize that there are still a lot of people using modems to browse the web.

is so useful to the humankind, but it should be used in a proper way.

Discuss both of these views and give your opinion as to the usefulness of television as an educational tool. We have provided the essay on Television in 10 Lines and 150 to 200 words. ‘Tele’ means distant or far and ‘vision’ means sight or to see. It is the most wonderful invention of science, but it has some disadvantages also. It was invented by the famous Scottish scientist “John Logie Baird. V set and see famous lectures give their teacher on the television screen. It’s lucky that more and more people are beginning to go in for sports these days.Sports usually take us a great deal of time, so we become less dependent on TV. Television Despite the development of the Internet, television is still one of the most important sources of information.It plays such a significant role in people’s everyday lives that it’s almost impossible to imagine how we would live if there were no TV.All you have to do is to press a button and sink comfortably into a chair.The main problem of television is that little by little we become dependent on TV.I fully agree that one can read the same news on the Internet: a great many sites give you the opportunity to follow any event taking place in the world every minute.Nevertheless, there are a few channels which have roll captions giving you the same opportunity.


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