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By reducing the amount of mass in the egg container, you are reducing the amount of force it exerts as it falls.Newton's third law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Using shock-absorbing materials can help reduce the amount of force exchanged between the ground and the egg.

The law of conservation of energy helps understand how to mitigate the effect of an egg that is falling to the ground.

He has served as an editor for the Florida House of Representatives and worked in crash reconstruction.

Garrison teaches report writing, communications, physical fitness and health and nutrition to police recruits.

Energy can neither be created or destroyed, only transferred.

Egg Drop Project Essays

When an object falls to the ground, some of its energy is transferred to the ground, while it retains some energy.Check out this year’s egg drop designs created by fourth grade students to get some inspiration for your own egg drop ideas and be sure to print out the free printable planning and recording sheets.Not sure what this popular STEM and STEAM activity is?There are many variations to the egg drop challenge.This year we decided to not allow cardboard boxes since they always seem to be the go-to material.By understanding that kinetic energy from a fall can be diminished over time, students can attempt to minimize the force of impact from a falling egg by using materials that allow for a bounce.Joel Garrison is a professional writer with a Bachelor of Science in political science from Florida State University.The general idea is to have students design a container that will allow an egg to safely fall from varying heights without breaking.Often, one of the goals is to try and use the least amount of material as possible.If you hold an egg, the forces you are applying are equal and balanced, canceling out the force of gravity. If you let go of the egg, gravity becomes an unbalanced force and causes the egg to fall to the ground.Newton's second law deals with the relationship between an object's mass, its acceleration and the amount of force it exerts.


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