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Gores team asked for a recount, which was agreed upon by the Florida supreme court.

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Bush and Al Gore went head to head in the presidential race.

Gore won the popular vote from Bush by half a million votes, but Gore still lost which was the fourth time the popular vote was overruled (The Election of 2000, n.d.).

It made many voters feel as if their vote did not matter because the Electoral College overruled the popular vote.

Although it has happened rarely, it brings into question why we still use the Electoral College.

Every four years, around election time, there are murmurs about revamping the system and moving toward a direct, national popular vote.

in a paper on the Electoral College: “In creating the basic architecture of the American government, the Founders struggled to satisfy each state’s demand for greater representation while attempting to balance popular sovereignty against the risk posed to the minority from majoritarian rule.” at the 1787 Constitutional Convention.The Electoral College will always override the popularity vote, but it rarely happens.To win the presidential election a president needs to win 270 of the Electoral votes. The largest consequences of using the Electoral College is that is can seem unfair to many citizens because it overrides the popular vote and it is not the most reliable voting method.Electoral College The Electoral College is made up of individuals from each state who represent both political parties.Its function is to help elect a new president, the original function of the Electoral College was a system that allowed for both government and people to elect a new president. The Electoral College was created by the founding fathers in the twelfth amendment in the constitution of America in 1787.Electoral College does provide beneficial factors such as protecting minorities and involving state government.The Electoral College remains in place over two centuries after the framers of the Constitution empowered it to select presidents.Some see the Electoral College as a peculiar and mystifying institution that ensures only a few, select individuals will ever cast a direct vote for president in the United States.Others complain that the system rewards smaller states with more proportional power than the large ones.Eventually a committee proposed that the president be indirectly elected by a group, a College of Electors (Kimberling, W., n.d.).Therefore, the College of Electors turned into the Electoral College to create the perfect balance between government and citizen involvement. The Electoral College was created to help ensure that the presidential election was both fair for the government and the people.


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