Elie Wiesel Prize In Ethics Essay 2012

Elie Wiesel Prize In Ethics Essay 2012-32
In her essay she discusses a personal encounter with familial sexual violence as a teenager.This experience changed her perceptions of cross-cultural interactions, leading her to believe that ethics must transcend cultural traditions.

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She was in Farsi), with a mother, father, brother, and sister.

Everything she relayed to us seemed quite normal, a term that I reserved for families that didn’t have my own family’s level of dysfunctional undertones.

They flow through us and we become the people we need to be.

I met one of my best friends during my participation in a school musical.

I had never faced an actual case of sexual molestation.

She made us promise not to tell and the fear in her eyes forced me to comply.It isn’t often that those choices have the capacity to permanently impact the lives of the people around us. We may lose, rather than gain, in the face of challenges despite our desire and positive action in the face of atrocity.But it is precisely those losses and gains that have the ability to teach us about the intricate nature of humanity.We all promised her that we wouldn’t tell a single soul, but I walked out of the lunchroom that afternoon knowing that I was going to break that promise.The cultural aspect and patriarchal structure of her family did not escape me, because I had experienced a similar family system.Stewart writes, “We must understand that, although we operate in separate spheres, humanity as a whole is constantly impacted by the opinions we hold as individuals…if we are unable to put aside our differences to surmount the barriers we have created for ourselves, perhaps we are missing the point of life itself.” The Ethics of Transcendence Social justice is often viewed as universal, but not all ideas of social justice are rooted in the same concepts.They vary, based on location, religion, culture, and tradition.Social justice movements in the East Africa are much different from the movements we have here in America, and inherently ingrained in these movements are ethics, a term which is both intimidating and liberating, and complex to its very core.Ethical dilemmas are sometimes thought of as complicated situations with simple answers.The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity conducts an annual essay contest for undergraduate full-time Juniors or Seniors at accredited four-year colleges or universities in the United States.Students may write about any topic they wish, as long as their essay explores the theme of ethics.


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