End Of History Essay

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Fukuyama has authored many papers for the Rand Corporation and published numerous articles in both professional and popular periodicals.

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End Of History Essay

While most critics either refuted or dismissed Fukuyama's contention that human consciousness had evolved to its highest form in liberal democracy and that historical progress had ceased, many found his ideas compelling and erudite, particularly among those on the political right.

The following entry presents an overview of Fukuyama's career through 1999.

Social scientist Francis Fukuyama touched off a maelstrom of controversy with his provocative essay, “The End of History?

Major Works Fukuyama's reputation centers primarily upon the ideas presented in “The End of History?

” In this essay, he attempts to establish a conceptual framework in which to view the end of the Cold War and dramatic liberal reforms in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and China during the late-1980s.


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