Endangered Species Research Paper

The assessment includes criteria on a species’ status and its risk from poaching.The provocatively titled paper “triggered a debate on how to deal with the data,” says Scheele, although he notes that the assessment doesn’t apply to most species, as there aren’t many that are critically endangered, threatened by poaching, and highly localized.

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That episode joined a long list of examples of research-savvy poachers targeting rare animals almost as soon as they were described in the literature.

Even well-meaning amateur naturalists can unwittingly upset endangered species just by trying to catch a glimpse.

Understanding the biology of the species that are most at risk from this disturbance is a critical prerequisite to developing effective strategies to conserve them.

But scientists who survey endangered animals have to grapple with a number of special challenges alongside the traditional research pressures of publishing and grant writing.

One option to facilitate the search is to use traps.

But traps may injure or at the very least stress the animals—an outcome that researchers are obviously keen to avoid. are just passionate people who are interested in helping the environment,” she says.

“We’re not just doing this to publish papers—we’re out here trying to save species, and we just have to be very conscious of who sees that data and who has access to it.”Lindenmayer and Scheele addressed the issue head-on in a paper published last year entitled, simply, “Do Not Publish” (, 30–801).

In the paper, the researchers laid out the case for protecting data on critically endangered species, and they proposed an assessment that scientists could use to decide whether they should publish their information in the literature.

For a start, there are the problems of finding organisms that are, by definition, relatively rare and may also tend to be elusive, nocturnal, or otherwise difficult to observe.

Then, there’s the risk of researchers exacerbating the very issues contributing to a species’ or population’s demise—for example, by increasing human contact or inadvertently raising the species’ visibility to poachers.


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