English Essay How To Stay Healthy

By eating fast foods that are full of salt and fat rather than fresh domestic foods and fresh fruits and vegetables, the deficiency of body proteins and vitamins occurs that leads to dangerous diseases.Moreover, because of increasing of computerized games, children want to be at home and spend most of their time in watching TV or computer screen that cause bad effects of their eyes rather than play with friends or exercise.

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It has been claimed that eating balanced diet is not beneficial for living healthy.

As this diet has been organized by professions, we cannot eat more than 10% of sugar daily.

However, some individuals in our society could not stuck with only this limit because chocolate and candies, for example are the main part of their life, which make them extremely happily.

As a consequence, diet means for many kind of entertainment and happiness.

Some people say this has had a negative effect on their health To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

In these days, by the change in lifestyle, the eating habits of children have also been changed.I completely agree that there are many advantages of balanced diet, which plays important role of healthy life.There are several significant advantages of eating a balanced diet.In our modern society, it is now common to use chemicals for food production and preservation.Although this have merits but the demerits outweigh the former.Eventually, if a person strengths his immune system from an early age by eating balanced diet every day, it is definitely difficult to be affected with these diseases or even the chronic pains.Therefore, there has been a strong connection between healthy life style and the balanced diet.The strong points of this essay are the ideas and organisation. But there are a significant number of grammatical and vocabulary problems that detract from the clarity of your ideas.So you really need to work on this aspect of your writing.Some people believe that it has negative effects on child health.I agree with this view and intent to argue about the reasons for such harmful effect.


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