Essay About The Jilting Of Granny Weatherall

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This showed she didn't want to die and wished she could go back tosee her children young again and to possibly save Hapsy or at least say goo dbye.Granny being left at the altar was the underlying conflict of the story and was actually more ofwhat the story was about.Granny had internal conflicts about her being jilted and was angry at George, a lover from her past.

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Then the image fades away and Hapsy comes in close to say, "I thought you’d never come." Granny's thoughts wander back to George.

She decides she would like to see him again, after all.

However, for Granny life has not always gone according to plan. "She put on the white veil and set out the white cake for him, but he didn’t come." Granny has tried to forget the pain and shame of being jilted, yet on her deathbed, this memory keeps resurfacing. She imagines finding her dead child, Hapsy, after wandering through several rooms.

Hapsy is standing with a baby on her arm, and suddenly Granny becomes Hapsy and Hapsy becomes the baby.

Her unfinished business primarily concerns a bundle of letters she has stored in the attic, some from her long-dead husband, John, but primarily those from a man named George who jilted Granny Weatherall sixty years ago.

She wants to get rid of them tomorrow, lest her children discover them and find out how "silly" she used to be.

As readers witness the moments leading up to her death, they are able to glean a great deal about who she was and who she has become.

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Granny's mind continues to wander in and out of consciousness, and she becomes irritated because Cornelia seems to be whispering about her behind her was crazy even more than normal.

Cornelia's patronizing behavior causes Granny to fantasize about packing up and moving back into her own home, where nobody will continue to remind her that she is old.


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