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Thank you so much and the whole IELTS Podcast team. With this email, I’d like to share with you my story with IELTS and how I came to know you.

I first started to take IELTS in early 2017, then about a year later in 2018 and I started to take the exam quite intensively at the end of 2018, because I wanted to pass it as soon as possible, as you might know I lose marks with immigration as I get older year by year.

And the only way to discover where your mistakes and where you lose points is to get feedback on your essays.

This way you start a positive cycle of improvement.1.

Do you want to get a custom piece on goals of corrections or any other research paper written for you from scratch by real masters of their craft?

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Place an order now, and a professional writer will compose a state-of-the-art original essay in just 3 hours or less!Retribution is perceived as a morally acceptable response to crime.This concept was introduced back in ancient times, and today its level is usually different, depending on the severity of committed crimes.Retribution principles are often criticized due to the fact that jurisdictions mostly follow a set tariff, which often results in different important circumstances not being taken account.It can lead to unjust decisions, such as paying the same fine for an unemployed person and a millionaire.I’d say after about two or three months of intensive self-training using your materials and methods, I finally scored 7 with my writing.Actually I scored 7.5 in writing in the first time and 7 in the second time, so it proves that what you are teaching is definitely working! If you've ever had a hard copy of a document proofread, chances are that you're familiar with the strange typology of professional proofreaders. ) that you think it has been translated into Martian!Your returned document is so full of symbols (hieroglyphics? These strange markings are the "footprint" that your proofreader has left on the document to highlight where changes need to be made to the text.The proofreader uses a series of symbols and abbreviations to suggest changes, correct spelling errors, improve punctuation, and generally enhance the quality and readability of a hard copy document.In hard copy proofreading, corrections typically appear in the left or right margins beside the line containing the error.


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