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You can deliver lessons, grade assignments, and stay connected. The integrated grade book lets you know exactly how each student is doing, it lets you see when a student has viewed an assignment, when their work is complete, and when it’s time to reach out with a reminder.

When you know where your students, teachers, and schools stand academically, you can make adjustments to your curricula or provide assistance to struggling students to ensure comprehension of your course material.

Remark solutions provide the tools to get that information quickly and accurately.

Its many features allow teachers to categorize assignments and view grades by category, use either weighted or standard grade scales, award extra credit or deduct penalty points, calculate the average score for each assignment, evaluate overall class performance, email grade, attendance or status reports to students.

You can create PDF reports of class grades, rosters and attendance records. It helps you grade and analyze online assignments and assessments. With Flubaroo you’ll be able to get scores for each student, and identify students in need of extra help, view the average score, and a histogram of scores and quickly identifies questions which a majority of the students missed.

Formative lets you distribute an assignment to your students. You can follow your students in their learning process of that assignment and give instant grades and feedback.

It basically is the same as Google forms, but easier to use and with some other essential features that a teacher can’t miss out on.

Formative is also a nice tool that you can use for - take a guess - formative assessments.

Teachers and students can use Edubirdie to check whether they used unique resources in their writings or papers.

Viper is effective at identifying plagiarized passages and noticing potentially similar passages, mis-identified or mis-attributed quotes, and other suspicious sentences.

Zip Grade is a grading app that helps you grade multiple choice tests in minutes.


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