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The essays’ topics have also been chosen in order to enhance understanding of the novel and existing scholarship, and include the role of Adele, humor, religion, games and gamesmanship, conversation, and women’s space in.It takes a new historical approach that connects a passage in the novel to an image that would be familiar to contemporary readers.

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Even the way Jane Eyre expresses her feelings shows this desire of equality.Her personality is one of the most complicated in a literature and to shed light on it, the author introduces the character of Bertha Mason.Thanks to her the readers can see the hidden motives and desires of Jane Eyre.John’s narrative function., and Cala Zubair examines the verbal sparring between Jane and Rochester. Smith also looks at Jane’s conversation and responses to situations in her own development of humor as a coping mechanism.While all of these essays result from multiple readings, the final two are explicitly about rereading the novel across time and experience.At the same time, the spirit of protest and independence is a red line and the key motive of the novel.It is hard to believe that Jane Eyre is the first woman who tells about her feelings to her beloved.The key element of Bertha as the doppelgänger is that she is ‘evil twin’ of Jane.Though readers may dislike Bertha as first, they would change their view after estimating her real role in the novel.She reads the objects as well as the act of decorating in ways that intersect with feminist, postcolonial, psychoanalytical, and ecocritical readings of .John O’Hara traces the reception of the novel from its early reviews to present day scholarship, across time and schools of thought.


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