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One of the first scenes in the movie involves him receiving a Nobel Prize for his achievements throughout life.

Although the two superheroes have many differences, there are also a few similarities they possess.

His lifestyle is that of a rock star, who loves to drink scotch, draws crowds wherever he goes and always manages to bond well with women.

He has an enormous mansion overlooking the ocean in southern California and his transportation is a collection of exotic sports cars.

Just about every aspect of these men are different, from their backgrounds to their superpowers.

The distinct personalities of Iron Man and Spider Man are of the most recognizable differences between the two.

But let's not forget that Raimi made an incredible Spider-Man film!

I'm sure it's been awhile since a lot of you have seen it, but maybe it's time to revisit it and be reminded of how amazing it was.

Both superheroes are very smart, but their intelligences are portrayed in much different manners.

When Peter enters college, he studies his books nonstop and does well in his classes.


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