Essay On Audio Visual Education

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AV materials are both visual and verbal, and are available in various forms and sizes.

They include film and video, which were produced by machines like film projectors, lantern slide projectors, tape recorders, television, and camcorders.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about a video?

In his book Writing Space, Bolter explains that “remediation” happens when our writing space changes with the development of technology.

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Positions were created for building and district audiovisual coordinators.

In 1947, the Department of Visual Instruction (DVI) of NEA in the United States changed its name to the Department of Audiovisual Instruction (DAVI), which developed into today’s Association for Educational Communications and Technology The necessity for teaching more and more without increasing the class period, school day, or graduation age; the futility of trying to provide meaningful learning experiences without showing that which cannot be adequately expressed or understood thru words alone / the tragic neglect of the paramount responsibility for building better citizens of the nation and of the world by instilling desirable attitudes and appreciations thru the use of dramatic, emotionally derived learning—these are some of the vital problems which can be solved best, if not only, thru the use of audio-visual materials.

He suggests that when we study the history of writing, we should always ask: Even though the Bolter’s argument focuses on electronic writing, I believe the same applies for audiovisual (AV) media. At the time, it provided a revolutionary way for people to communicate – our expression is no longer limited to verbal, but can also be visual (or both at the same time).

With its specific affordances, how do AV media make our thoughts visible?


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