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He was charismatic enough to lead people and to persuade them to renounce the old gods and follow new rules and dogmas.If you are interested in religion, we highly recommend you to read our comparison essay sample about Christianity and Mormonism.

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Jesus Christ told people that the new religion would come and change the world for the better.

People started to believe in one god who was fair and mercy and who would save them.

It is divided into three major branches: Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and Protestantism.

There are also lots of smaller Christian organizations and movements like the Old Catholic Church, Jehovah’s Witnesses, or the Latter Day Saint movement.

Perhaps they gathered because of his ability as a teacher. “Six Surprising Ways Jesus Changed The World.” Huff Post.

Whatever the cause, it seems likely that the authorities’ fear of the crowd was a major factor leading to Jesus’ crucifixion” (“BBC – Religions – Christianity: Jesus”). “The Gospels regularly speak of huge crowds following Jesus. Perhaps they gathered because of his reputation as a healer. You can chat with our authors directly in order to control the process of writing and to figure out any issues immediately.What Was the Most Important Figure in the History of Christianity?It must be noted that “about one-third of the world is considered “Christian” today.That’s a pretty staggering number – that’s a pretty influential life after nearly 2,000 years” (Niles).The impact of Jesus Christ should be considered in the historical perspective of the time when he lived.It must be noted that his life and death was the important point for Christianity as the development of this religion was restricted by the followers of the old religions, so Jesus was considered to be a rebel, and that he confused the people.Scientists claim that this person can’t be considered as the real person who lived and died, but it must be noted that there is a lot of proofs that Jesus Christ lived and developed the main teachings of Christianity which are still used as the guides for the followers of this religion.“The first Christian writings to talk about Jesus are the epistles of St Paul, and scholars agree that the earliest of these letters were written within 25 years of Jesus’s death at the very latest, while the detailed biographical accounts of Jesus in the New Testament gospels date from around 40 years after he died” (Gathercole).


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