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This, for me, would mean cutting down on leisure so that I can balance studies and sport. Through sports you learn how to do this and how to utilize your time for your greater good. You learn to be proud of your success without demeaning your opponents.

You learn to accept failures with grace and come back stronger next time.

The team was made up mostly of twelve-year-olds, and twelve-year-olds, he knew from experience, did not respond well to shouting.

He would conduct business on the basketball court, he decided, the same way he conducted business at his software firm. He would never forget the first time he saw a basketball game. Team A would score and then immediately retreat to its own end of the court. But most of the time a team defended only about twenty-four feet of that, conceding the other seventy feet.

In such situations you learn to overcome adversity and temporary failures.

Life too isn’t fair and much of it involves overcoming setbacks.

Although I’m sure that these life lessons can be acquired through any sport, in fact, through whatever passion you may choose to pursue, I have related these skills to basketball, as it is the sport I play.

They are not in the order of importance as I feel each one is as crucial in life as the other.

In life too, everything does not always go your way. Even on days when your shots just don’t go in you have to keep trying and helping your team in other areas.

There are highs and lows but if you continue to give whatever you do your very best you will ultimately emerge triumphant. You need to contribute in the defense, go after loose balls, make good passes and help in any way you can. I can tell from personal experience that injuries have made me stronger.


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