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Many of the cures found with help of computer technology would not have been developed without computer technology, meaning that many people would have died from diseases that are now curable.

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This data is then used in operations that are computer run.Today votes are counted using computers and this has greatly reduced incidences of vote rigging and consequently reduced conflicts that would otherwise arise from the same.And as we have already seen, no one would have known anything about space because space explorations become possible only with the help of computer technology.This article discusses the influence of computers on the everyday life of human beings.One can guess what will exactly happen if the world had no computers.Man has been able to see into the future and plan ahead because of computers.Life today has been made easier with the help of computers, although some people may disagree with this, but am sure many will agree with me.This is why the first machine was called by some as a calculator and others as a computer because it was used for making calculations.Blaise Pascal is credited with the first digital machine that could add and subtract.Today, almost everything that people engage in makes use of a computer.Take for instance, the transport sector: vehicles, trains, airplanes, and even traffic lights on our roads are controlled by computers.


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