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Often only made apparent in urban fringe (...)In November 2018, the Council of Architecture (COA) released the Architects (Amendment) Bill 2018 (2018 bill) via e-mail.A comparative chart of the bill and the original Architects Act, 1972 was also presented to show the new laws for practice in India. But for beginners, it is important to know the Act and why it has been in news.Titled "Designing Equitable Cities", the conference aimed to talk about the discourses of architecture and planning as agencies involved in the design of resilient and equitable cities through individual presentations and panel discussions.

The situation in India is one that hints towards a gradual disintegration, and the symptoms are visible. Architecture, like most other sectors, faced violent turbulence, one whose wounds have hardly healed.

However, demonetization is only a micro-reason, a (...)In 1973, NASA launched Skylab, an unmanned space station to the earth’s orbit.

It was met by 3 crews of 3 members each over a period of 24 weeks for data gathering.

Its decaying orbit meant that NASA needed to bring it back to Earth.

Being the most industrious colony under the British Raj, India was quickly churning out resources and finished goods with its surplus of labour found in k (...)"You don’t want to walk and talk about Jesus; you just want to see his face," has concluded the environmentalist and architect David Waggonner’s interview with The Atlantic[i].

This quote has been more than a Rolling Stones lyric in recent years.

While unfair labor conditions of architecture for architects and the discussions of unpaid internship are still alive and debated in architecture, World Architecture Community's India Reporter Shubhayan Modak reveals many tragic situations that young architects and students are confronted in India in the professional practice of architecture.

The last few years have been challenging for architects and allied designers in the Indian subcontinent.

The building also houses numerous television and radio broadcasting stations.

This landmark is home to art galleries, an observation deck for tourists and various museum exhibits.


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