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Introduction In my coursework I am researching football hooliganism, and the amount of football violence over the years.

Introduction In my coursework I am researching football hooliganism, and the amount of football violence over the years.

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Hooliganism could split people apart, cause subcultures etc.

Football violence is not a new phenomenon, it dates back to the fourteenth century, the difference nowadays is that the media coverage is greater, and football related violence is more publicised, and more documented.

In recent years players and fans alike have shown increased aggression when it comes to sporting events.

One of the most disturbing trends in sports is the increasing frequency and severity of violence.

Is this wrong for the media to be encouraging and glorifying the violence in sports?

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I don't think so, because the fans want to see it Bench clearing brawls in baseball, bloody hockey fights, soccer mobs, post-game sports riots, and increasing injuries are all images of today’s sports that are familiar to us.Waddington quotes Melnick's definition of football hooliganism as 'physical assaults on opposing fans and police, pitch invasions, throwing missiles, verbal abuse, vandalism, drunkenness, theft, possession of an offensive weapon… such activities can vary in severity' (Waddington, 1992, p.118).This topic is an important sociological issue because it is violent behaviour and conflict within society.I am also trying to find out if the stereotypical views are reality, or if the media portrayal is just to influence people, and make them dislike certain social groups and classes.I want to find out if violence is increased by drinking alcohol, big matches, result, people's social class/background, level of competition, media coverage etc.After only 15 minutes of rioting, 43 people were found dead and hundreds injured as the stadium collapsed on them (Maxim).This type of violence makes people uneasy about the degree of, what experts call "fandemonium," that has plagued the world football industry for the past three decades examples of people that have put too much physiological energy into something that can make us feel so good but yet cause for pain in others.Although sports such as hockey, football, boxing, and nascar thrive on hits, explosions, and fights, watching them doesn’t (“Violence Inevitable”).People need to ask themselves if they are cheering for the violence or for the competition (Piper). Studies have shown that when violence goes cultural characteristics.Someone could have been killed given the circumstances, and this violence among the fans is not only limited to American football games, but also professional soccer games and violence with these fans can result in greater consequences.Eric Dunning and his associates, this thinking is incorrect.


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