Essay On Importance Of Nonverbal Communication

It includes the usage of the human’s subconscious mind to construct a series of facial expressions, hand gestures as well as the usage of the human’s vocal tones which indeed causes a form of effective communication if used in the right manner.

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Essay On Importance Of Nonverbal Communication

This explains the reasoning behind the contagiousness between co-workers if non-verbal communication isn’t applied properly according to Ray.Changing inflection skill that is useful to the business person, however falls short of attributing a major importance to the non-verbal part of a message in a business context.This is contradicted by Gabbot and Hogg (2000) who attribute a major importance to non-verbal clues in a service encounter.Introduction Non-verbal communication has been a major factor contributing towards our day to day lives.In terms of design and workplace as well as cultural variations non-verbal communication plays an important role in these places.Leaning toward the patient is a posture signifying empathy and a good attitude (Xu, Staples The ability to communicate with one another is of paramount importance to the success of the human race (Hartley, 1999).Communication is a dynamic process with the interacting components of sending and receiving information.This neglected aspect is known as non-verbal communication, which is done through body language.Body language is an important way to communicate, and humans use it more extensively than many people believe.Learning the value of non-verbal communication is especially important when interacting with other cultures as one gesture or facial expression may not mean the same worldwide (Hall, 2012). It is estimated that 50 to 90 percent of messages are non verbal.The capability to communicate well is important in the workplace. The Sideboard: Practical advice straight from the experts. Non Verbal Communication has few rules and often occurs unconsciously, for instance while speaking we may throw our arms around; while Executive Summary The use of non-verbal cues and how we communicate with each other is discussed.


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