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They were under the influence of their parents before marriage and their husbands after marriage.

They were under the influence of their parents before marriage and their husbands after marriage.Thus, the position of women in ancient India was inferior. With her, the status of women in India increased a lot. Many women thereafter occupied prestigious positions in India.

As Pakistan is an islamic state so Pakistani females role and behaviors are defined by Islamic laws and as such are given divine sanction. Napolean said: The basic unity of society is a woman.

She plays roles as a mother, a sister, a daughter and a wife. As woman makes a family, family makes a home and homes makes a society.

Woman has a crucial role in the set-up of a family. Women have to lead their lives according to the will of their male guardians. They can not make decision about their affairs of life.

Whether she is a daughter, sister, wife or mother, she has to deal with the core issues in the scheme of familiar life.

Woman are more productive than men; if in Pakistan they are given the right platform they will smoothly carry the nation towards development. They should be given all the rights which are mentioned in the Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations and in the Holy books of Islam.

In order for a society to be a pure society, both men and women should think, dress and behave in ways that allow pure society and actions to dominate the way of life and create a social climate conducive to the achievement of the real goal. They should be educated like men and should give equal opportunity in every sphere of life.Like this there is competition and where there is competition there is invention and invention leads to massive developments.Pakistan is an isalmic country and exists and functions in the context of its unique set of historical, social, economic and political circumstances. Women are given equal opportunity to flourish in every walk of life.Bride-burning and bride- killing occur every day in India.This is how the status of Indian women is going down.There was no change in the fate of women even during the British rule in India. Among them were Sarojini Naidu, Vijaya Laxmi Pandit, Mrs. According to the Constitution of India, men and women are equal before law.The situation began to change when many national figures started a struggle for India’s freedom. The government is laying special emphasis on the education of girls.But they did not the Allah’s blessings are upon that home and parents that have daughters.With the advent of islam, the woman got the respect and status in the society that she ever deserved.Pakistan is an underdeveloped country and most of its population is of the youth. In advanced countries, the situation is quite different. And state and indigenous culture safeguard the rights of women. They sometimes complain against male misconduct but their grievances are addressed properly and they are given relief in every possible way. Unfortunately, the sorrow state of affairs is generally accepted as inevitable way of life. Some exceptional causes are also their where women are leading but majority of them is in a miserable condition.It’s a golden chance for Pakistan to rightly utilize the youth’s energies. Government and law enforcing agencies ensure justice to them. First of all, we should realize that women are also human beings like men and they have the same women rights as are entitled to men.


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