Essay On Uses Of Computer In Modern World

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Today, where business caters, there you find applying computer usage.Look at educational sector, health, transportation, or communication sector, we can see the influence and application of computer.

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It saves time, efforts and money compared with letters used, before making influence of computers in human life.Along with getting higher grades on exams, students also stated they felt more involved with their lessons and work if they used a computer.Using computers gets students to become more focused on their work at home, in collaborative projects with other students and on their own.Computers play a vital role in the modern business world, and many of even the most basic jobs involve technology and computers.Teaching students how to use computers helps them prepare for any number of possible careers, and classes based on computer education can get even more specific.Students can also look up lessons on websites or through email rather than lugging heavy textbooks with them every day.Students who use computers have been shown to attend school more steadily and perform better than students who do not use computers.To understand the depth of computer intervention in human life, have a look at developments happened in the areas of Communication, Education, Utility facilities and Health care.Within the last 3 decades, computer has been recognized as the most life changing and successful invention solving problems in human life.These days, we seldom use hand written letters, put in the envelopes and transport over long distances because most of us have computer and education to make use of it.Print media, Television and Radio play important role in our life.


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