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His lab assistant Hamilton is accidentally exposed—and begins experiencing alarming symptoms.Midpoint: After meeting the Orangutan Maurice—who also knows sign language and who warns Caesar that humans don’t like smart apes—Caesar begins enacting his plan to help all the apes escape.On the human side, we have Malcolm arguing for the cohabitation of ape and man; on the ape side, we have Koda, who believes humanity to be inherently evil.

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Inciting Event: After the baby chimp’s mother is killed after escaping the lab where he’s working on a cure for Alzheimer’s, Will brings the chimp home and adopts him—and names him Caesar.

In many ways, this is the of the Normal World that is being established in the First Act.

When speaking with his dying comrade, he indicates that the year is 3955 – more than twenty years prior to the events from Planet of the Apes.

This year is again referenced in the second sequel, Escape from the Planet of the Apes. Zira confesses that the date meter on the ship she was one read, "...thirty-nine fifty...

something." It is important to note, that Zira had returned to Earth's past aboard the Icarus, and not Brent's ship, even though the Icarus' terminal never indicated a year of 3955 on-screen.

Reconciling the two conflicting dates is virtually impossible (though in the 2017 essay anthology Bright Eyes, Ape City: Examining the Planet of the Apes Mythos, Joe Dilworth suggests that Brent’s date-meter, though faulty, could have been salvaged by Milo to replace that from Taylor’s water-logged ship).

The surrogate provides the audience with a perspective.

In the case of the very first iteration of this objectivity is achieved by presenting the audience with two surrogates, one from each side.

He has chosen the apes over the humans—whom he has loved and lived with all his life.

Climax: After freeing apes from the lab and the zoo, Caesar leads his new army across the Golden Gate Bridge in an attempt to gain sanctuary in the Redwood Forest.


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