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There are definitely words you will not know at first, but with a little patience and study you should be able to finish (and maybe enjoy) the book.

There are definitely words you will not know at first, but with a little patience and study you should be able to finish (and maybe enjoy) the book.And hopefully you will be able to follow your dreams as well.Along the way, he runs into many obstacles and the journey quickly turns into an adventure.

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The Gypsy tells him that he needs to go to the Egyptian pyramids to find his treasure. But later he meets another person who tells him the same thing.

At last Santiago decides to give up his life as a shepherd and go find his treasure.

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He learns to focus on his own journey, disregarding the influences of society. An awareness that at many times you may not be mindful of, which often occurs when the soul disconnects from self.

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The book is about a young man named Santiago who lives in Spain and works as a shepherd.

He begins to have strange dreams so he goes to a Gypsy to find out what they mean.

Each lesson teaches the young boy that he must always follow his heart, as it is the language of God. The Alchemist has many lessons and nuggets of inspiration sprinkled throughout the story.

He realizes that he must go on with his own ‘personal legend’ no matter how difficult the journey becomes. He learns to use his soul to never lose hope when faced with adversity. The most important lessons (in my opinion) are: Our soul is the guiding force of our lives and it is only you who has the awareness of your soul’s desire.


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