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They have deeper strategic insight into their employees, and use that insight to proactively put the right workforces in place to effectively respond to urgent marketplace needs.At one time or another, most companies will find themselves faced with a situation with limited time to assess viable candidates due to a planned (or unplanned) change in leadership or industry conditions.Business leaders who implement the best talent management processes are more prepared than their competitors to compete in the global economy and capitalize quickly on new opportunities.

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In many cases, the innovation required to meet a new marketplace challenge exists somewhere in the organization; the challenge is tapping into it.

In order to cultivate a collaborative atmosphere, management needs to align the metrics for success—if success is based only on individual performance, you will be sending mixed messages to your employees.

To drive success, business leaders must do whatever they can to overcome the organizational silos that prevent the flow of information throughout the organization.

For companies to perform faster and with more flexibility, knowledge and experience must be readily available—or, even better, proactively delivered - to the right people at the right time.

Loews Hotels communicated the new brand direction, goals and introduced SAP Success Factors software modules—Performance and Goals and Succession and Development—to drive the talent management process throughout the organization.

By aligning and communicating goals company-wide, Loews created an environment of transparency where everyone is working toward the same goals and the end result has been impressive, both company- and industry-wide.

When you engage employees in their work through goal alignment, you create greater employee ownership in your company's ultimate success; they become more committed to your company and achieve higher levels of job performance.

To achieve "goal alignment" in your organization, you must first clearly communicate your strategic business objectives across the entire company.

The development of skilled talent pools makes it easier to develop desirable skill sets in a broader group of employees, resulting in higher performance across all levels and functions.

By cultivating talent pools internally you are ensuring that you will have experienced and trained employees prepared to assume leadership roles as they become available.


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