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Every citizen should play his part and realize his basic responsibility in serving the nation.Conclusion: In short, we can say that national unity is the first and foremost necessity of peaceful and prosperous country. This we can do only by realizing our responsibilities and recognizing other people’s rights.The enemies of Pakistan have always been looking for some opportunity to weaken the national unity in the country and to disintegrate it. One of our neighbors is a constant danger for us but still we have not learnt any lesson from our past mistakes.

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It may even become the oppression and violation of rights, sanctities, and stone for the victims of its purported stability advocated political hypocrisy and intellectual professionals Betting systems always passionate audience and his be conceited slogans on the one hand, and on the ability of the victim to tolerance, especially when the victim is based on the moral building to oppose the bloodless approach. The purpose of writing an essay is not simply passing the grade requirement, but also allowing you to reflect within yourself about the topic on whatever significance it has to you.

Therefore we find systems insensitive to the consequences of the foregoing it did starting whatever the weight of heavy, it criminally ensured that the reactions will not resemble the procedures, so it will withstand a real threat, and it is aware that investment in subsequent letter bring security and stability will compel the influential slice of the misguided elites for their help in silencing the victims, but promised the screams or his expression pained and gateway for sedition and Navia.

But false range when their actions lead only to tear apart societies and stabbed her in her dignity and attempt to commit genocide awareness and adoption of official novels and their poem in the vision and governance matters, on the other hand, while victims of repression is required to get their rights and recognizing that (justly) each violation was issued, and that the stop complaint and objection and anger, to explain their struggle for their rights or their anger from violating that relaxed sedition and threatening national unity! That essay is, I think, a measure of your own patriotism. A test of the level of your command of the english language or the language of your country, so be particular about grammar and spelling. A measure on how you approach that issue, whether political, emotional, religious, etc. If you will copy paste from the internet, you will be wasting your chance of helping yourself improve and learn more, plus you will be guilty of plagiarism.

Consistent with this, many unfair stereotypes, including academics, writers, and reporters are supposed to be committed to their enlightenment, urging a refusal to obey the logic of Royal authority and its fallacy and injustice and fool people. I think in most countries that is punishable by law.

But their interests or rivalry with almzlomet owners refuse should not be behind the party's strong and blessed his bloating, and contributing to the promotion of the status of idling and fluidity, and accumulate the numbers succumb to newspeak vocabulary of Ballet, and turn a blind eye to the causes of fitnah and laceration of unity, to devote themselves to the trial result and mug, the criminalization of reaction, or at least equality already owners, staying in whirlpool appeals claim absolute differences and heal without attention to the causes of the crisis or factors. In general, if you copy more than six continuous words from a written or spoken work, and did not acknowledge the author or source, then that's already plagiarism.

Every human experience, easy to deal with temptation real contrived elements or groups not linked to Royal authority, but temptation difficult deep-water crack occurring in communities difficult compaction are the ones that are periodically triggered by regulations or authorities, fed and decorate them, or trying to blur effects focused on what is required from the victim, because they want the victim to be model teaches the rest of public humiliation and juniors and condescending tribute to vocabulary (great) is mobilized and manipulated their implications as stability and security and compliance, community reconciliation and so on, are Vocabulary look stunning for public media professionals and his guides who repeat in various templates only promote parking systems, hardening her strength, and also to justify repressive practices.

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The provincial governments must be left free from develop their resources and to solve their regional problems freely without any interference from the central government.

Government should take steps to promote mutual understanding and co operation among the people of the four provinces.


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