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I quickly came to the realization that it was not going to be an easy feat. Technique and perseverance is always important, however a transformation was essential.I had to become one with sound, movement, and air in order to connect with the observers.

It isn’t different to study in higher educational institutions and in the colleges. As well as in school here will teach various subjects, such as mathematics, physics, biology, geography and so on.

Only it is not easy to study here, more difficult than at school.

Transformation was made possible through various opportunities to study in diverse instructional environments, which fostered continuous aspirations to grow as artist.

In 2011, Christopher d'Amboise offered a platform as a featured dancer.

The Colleges give a lot of theory and depth studying of specific professions.

A lot of students get different and necessary knowledges here during three – four years. Here, as in the school, there are certain rules of behavior that must be observed by students.

College is our second home, where we constantly grow over ourselves.

It, like no one and nothing else, turns each of us into a person.

New friends, as well as new friends – all this you will get here.

Here you can know many necessary things and learn something new things about the our world.


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