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This ruling then changed a fundamental rule of constitutional systems, that of Parliamentary sovereignty.

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The principle role of courts is in the application of the facts of a case to the law and resolving disputes between litigants.

However, judicial precedent is more complicated than this; cases with a constitutional dimension to them are capable of making public law.

Several of these Acts have now been amended or repealed.

There are also a number of Acts which have been passed through Parliament since 2003 that have constitutional status.

In 2003, the Joint Committee on the Draft Civil Contingencies Bill drew up a list of statutes, which were considered to be fundamental elements of constitutional law.

The first of these statutes was the Magna Carta 1297, which proclaims that punishment must be prescribed by law and that individuals should not be denied justice.Judicial precedent is a source of constitutional law in three senses: The United Kingdom has been a member state of what is now known as the European Union since 1973; executive, legislative and judicial decision in many policy areas are currently made through or are influenced by European Union institutions.European Union law is currently incorporated into UK law by sections 2 and 3 European Communities Act 1972.In (2003) Laws LJ defined constitutional statutes as those which condition the legal relationship between the citizen and the state in some general overarching matter; or which contribute in some way to fundamental constitutional rights.He went on to list a number of other constitutional statutes.Another important source of the United Kingdom's constitutional rules can be found within the law reports, which report on the important judicial decisions made within the court system.Judges in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have all contributed to the development of constitutional principles within the UK.Since the end of the Second World War, a wide body of international human rights agreements have also been established, with monitoring bodies that implement the terms of each major agreement. States domestic laws cannot supersede these rights. Written documents might offer fundamental constitutional principles, but there are further texts which supplant and elaborate upon the basic principles.Ordinary legislation is drafted in order to provide fuller information about those basic principles which are stated in the constitution.


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