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A lot of controversies surround capital punishment, with its supporters arguing that it reduces prevalence crime rates and the antagonists claiming that it is a great violation of fundamental human rights.The death penalty is an ineffective form of punishment that should be abolished and substituted with a more humane form of sentence such as life incarceration. ” Get help here.] Capital punishment does not deter further crimes.

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Some victims don’t agree that the “eye for an eye” mindset can be morally justified, according to their religion or spiritual standards (Cole et al. Koch reports that spiritually based arguments frequently reference the Ten Commandments and teachings of Jesus in the Bible (par. In their essay “Biblical Perspectives on the Death Penalty,” organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

(United States of America) Because of this clause, many Supreme Court appellate cases throughout history have been debated and established standards that justify the death penalty and uphold citizen’s rights.

An argument against capital punishment, originally refuted by Edward Koch, is that it is the hypocritical, intentional, government approved, murder of a human being, in a society that criminalizes the taking of human life (par. An opposer of the death penalty on this argumentative platform could reference the Supreme Court case of Furman v. This appellate case was able to abolish the death penalty in 1972, with the argument that all present methods of execution, such as hanging, electrocution, and the gas chamber, were forms of cruel and unusual punishment (Cole et al. This view is understandable, but fails to realize that the government has different rights compared to individual citizens.

By carrying out death penalty sentences, the government successfully prevents serious offenders from ever killing again, and warns citizens that they might receive the same punishment if they ever commit brutal crimes.

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Essays On Death Penalty

Casey Skomer Mirza COMP 1500 December 10, 2014 Can Capital Punishment Ever Be Justified?A 2009 study by Amnesty International USA revealed that 88% of criminologists do not believe that capital punishment is a suitable deterrence factor.They claimed that in most cases, criminals are usually not in their senses when committing a crime (Amnesty International USA, n.d.).At least 97 percent of all death-row prisoners are not executed on time. legal system executed one inmate every day, it would still take 30 years to empty all of the cells on death row. In conclusion, capital punishment should be dropped from our legal system. If not, then common sense should tell them that it doesn’t work well since it is so expensive and such a slow process.As a result, the waiting list for executions grows year after year. by Thoughtful Learning is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 4.0 International License.After that amount is multiplied by the number of dangerous inmates serving life sentences, it is economically logical to employ capital punishment in the corrections system, which only costs taxpayers . How can the families of victims live peaceful lives, knowing that their tax money is being used provide a healthy, comfortable, and long life for the person who murdered and striped their loved one of human dignity, rather than being spent to serve retribution to such horrible criminals?One of the main goals of punishment in the criminal justice system is retribution, which means equal punishment is ordered according to the severity of the crime.Despite all the opposing arguments that criminalize capital punishment, society cannot disregard the fact that by executing dangerous murderers, we make it impossible for cruel people to ever commit violent crimes again.No matter what a person’s spiritual denomination, he or she cannot deny that the death penalty is the only humane way for retribution to adequately be served to murderous criminals.According to the eighth amendment in the United States Constitution, every American citizen is protected from cruel and unusual punishment in the criminal justice system.Throughout history, there have been many court cases that have ruled for or against the death penalty, but the issue of whether capital punishment is morally just or not is still debated today (Cole et al. As a criminal justice student, I view the death penalty as a successful and ethical form of punishment on the grounds that it deters citizens and prevents criminals from committing violent acts, is an extremely cheap financial method of punishing criminals that affirms righteous life, and provides retribution to victims and their families.


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