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Treatment for diabetes is aimed at normalizing blood glucose levels and preventing possible complications.

It depends on many factors such as the type of diabetes, the severity and controllability of the disease, the existing comorbidities and complications, and the patient’s adherence to treatment (Munden & Foley, 2007).

However, these diseases also have certain similarities.

In particular, they always result in the negative changes in the organism.

At first view, diabetes mellitus and depression can be perceived as incomparable diseases.

Indeed, diabetes is a physical disorder that is characterized by high levels of blood sugar (glucose) and results from a defect of production or activity of the hormone that is called insulin (Munden, 2007).

Diabetes often leads to the blindness, kidney failure, and damage to the peripheral nervous system (Munden, 2007).

Depression usually results in the development of insomnia, loss of appetite, and the worsening of general physical condition of the patient (weight loss and the potential development of arthritis, asthma, and cardiovascular diseases) (Beck & Alford, 2009). citizens are suffering from diabetes (Munden & Foley, 2007) while depression is the primary cause of disability in the world (Beck & Alford, 2009).

The primary of them is the insufficient competency of the people involved in the process of treatment.

In particular, diabetes is a disease that requires patients to change their traditional lifestyle, namely in the terms of diet, physical activity, weight control, regular self-control, constant reception of hypoglycemic agents or insulin, etc.


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