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And I can give my absolute best and give everything I have in me to accomplish my goals.Do everything thing in my ability to get to where I want to go and say yes to any opportunity that can help me get there.

And I can give my absolute best and give everything I have in me to accomplish my goals.Do everything thing in my ability to get to where I want to go and say yes to any opportunity that can help me get there. What if I never am able to go to Paris and travel the world, or if I never am able to get into a good art school.

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Some accept that there's a place reserved for them up in the sky, others that they'll reincarnate.

Frankly, I'm quite jealous of those people, since they have some resolution in what happens to them after this inevitable ending (or should I say new beginning for those strong believers? But for those unsure about the events subsequent to our lives ending, such as myself, it can become quite a fearful thing.

I've often wondered about how I may move on from this world, asking myself questions such as: "will it hurt? " The complete lack of control we have over our demise is what I trust to be another important factor in our fear of death.

It's an unsolvable mystery for everyone one of us (until I invent the time machine anyway...).

You can conquer a fear of clowns by going to the circus, a fear or heights by riding a roller coaster.

What if I don’t realize what my true calling is and a realize working with art of fashion isn’t for me and I spent my whole life trying to be something that I’m not and its too late to change my mind!

Those are the kinds of questions that keep me up at night. I can do this by trying my best at everything I start.

I can work hard and save money to make sure I get into a good school.

In other words, fear is a physical reaction that is associated with certain conditions or situations.

The association between the physical reaction or response of fear is learned through the mechanism of classical conditioning.


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