Example Of A Cause And Effect Essay

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The introduction should make a strong statement as the body of the essay will completely depend on how you weave the introductory statement.Proceed to the body of the essay, where you bring up strong statements in support of your introductory paragraph.

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It will also explain what took place and why it took place in that particular pattern.

Cause and effect essays are used to show why something happens (the cause) and what happens as a result (the effect).

The impact of result in the various types of causes and effects could vary and therefore you should have a clear understanding of the causes and effects that you are going to mention in your essay. Create An Outline for Cause and Effect Essays Before you start writing, it is important to create an outline with the research that you may have done about the topic.

At this stage, you have to list down the cause(s) in detail.

Racial minorities are more likely to live in impoverished areas C.

Poor education leads to fewer life opportunities, such as college, the arts, athletic teams Second Topic Sentence: The neighborhoods minorities live in also lead to racial inequalities A.People who establish and enforce policies affect the poor B. Stress causes/produces/results in low exam scores Low exam scores are causes by/are produced by/result from stress Low exam scores are a consequence of/are a result of/are dude to/the effect of stress When/if there is constant economic instability, currency crashes occur (Adapted from 1.People with the power hire and fire affect the poor by hiring those most like themselves (i.e., white and middle class) C. Choose A Good Topic for Cause and Effect Essays The topic you choose could be a major event of historical importance or from your daily life (For example: watching TV is harmful).Such essays should begin with an introduction paragraph followed by a paragraph that discusses either the causes or effects or paragraphs that discuss each, and finally a conclusion paragraph.It is important to note that sometime, many causes lead to a single effect or many effects may actually be from one cause.To describe a cause, some phrases should be used such as because (of), due to, since, one cause (is), another (is), first, second, result from etc.To emphasize effect, phrases such as: as a result, thus, consequently, therefore, one result, result in etc would be appropriate.It could be many causes leading to one effect or one cause leading to multiple effects or it could be a chain of events related to one another.There are three different types of causes and effects namely, primary, contributory and remote causes and effects.The essay can be outlined with listing out one or more causes that led to the effect.The cause you choose acts as the foundation for the essay.


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