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It is important to keep to the general essay outline with the little changes in structure. Look for the capturing hook using other essay examples and our guidelines. Each claim must be based on the supporting evidence which you found in the selected sources.Provide examples from the chosen sources and real life as they may help to persuade the readers of the truth of your argument.An argumentative essay has to prove the main point of the author to the target audience.

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In a persuasive essay, you will think about emotional ways like playing with feelings of your reader to make him or her support the same main point.

In the case of argumentative paper in English, the purpose is to think about powerful arguments that prove that violent games and movies are the main causes of domestic violence as well as violent acts among children. You can work on a variety of essays which require good arguments to be effective.

Each time you need to search for the reliable sources anyway.

Let’s take an example online or a sample from an ordinary English class.

Before you write your paper, it is important to choose the topic and explain your decision. Before writing an outline, it is important to view some topic examples to choose from: Those are just several examples of good ideas/questions that have an opposing view as well as powerful main argument.

Is it possible to conduct a broad research on the topic? When you finally decide on the argumentative essay topic, it is important to find and use only sources which are no older than ten years.Check the draft to fix any mistakes in English language (grammar, punctuation, and spelling).You can find many different applications and software online to use for these purposes. While you are checking your English language errors, you may want professional educators to help before submitting the argumentative essay to your teacher.They both need a five-paragraph structure, corresponding format, powerful arguments to support with evidence, and impressive conclusion.They both serve to persuade the readers to take your side while arguing on a specific issue.Argumentative essay is a more scientific project as it uses logic, facts, statistics, and reasoning based on the evidence collected from the credible sources such as: So, there is no way you can write a good argumentative essay on any topic without conducting a primary research and having access to important educational materials.In the persuasive essay, the writer must use less scientific elements: We can conclude that a persuasive essay is more creative and demands writer’s imagination and personal ideas instead of presenting naked scientific facts.Writing has to spread student’s imagination and skills and instead of limiting them.At the same time, you need to review the basic writing principles to make the process flow easily.Rewrite your thesis statement to get the reader back to the main question or questions.If you really include a thesis in the shape of a question, make sure to answer it clearly and concisely.


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