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Not only is it hard for the patient but also for the mother since she feels that her child is communicating less in-depth with her (Cussins 110-111).This only one of few effects that a person has to deal with if he or she tries to achieve the ideal weight.In a definition essay, you explain the meaning of a certain term by giving a detailed description of it, and support your definition with clear examples or facts.

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In society today, women are viewed as beautiful and vulnerable whereas men are classified as strong and powerful.

Cussins explains that women are unconsciously dissatisfied with their motherly role toward daughters (Cussins ).

One of Cussins’s patient talk about her unhappiness with the problem of bulimia, and how bulimia effected the relationship with her mother and family.

The patient tries to develop a healthy diet to make her mother happy but she throws up everything she eats or she will feel depressed.

Each agrees that the current average American is now considered “overweight”.

However, Seid and Raush support this statement with statistics 0 to 5 percent of women do not feel they meet the “standard”, leading millions of women to think abnormal of themselves (Seid 47).

The most recent transformation in clothing styles have also played a key role as well; Seid states that the more revealing fashion allows no compensation for the body “underneath”.

With men the issue tends to be on a different side of the spectrum bigger is better.

And In Ann Marie Cussins “The Role of Body Image in Women’s Mental Health” she discusses the issue from a standpoint aspect.

Rausch begins her speculation with a question Why is it that people treasure variations in the magnificence of nature, but not in the concept of beauty in ourselves?


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