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However the growing number of people attending cinemas were not a positive indicator of Cinema industry flourishing, rather most of the movies were Hollywood production.

This may have been good news for the exhibitors and distributors but with the Eady Levy abolished, it did not benefit the producers in any way.

Most of the audience in Britain prefers American cinema according to the research.

Hacker and Price in Take 10 say:”British audience, which might naturally be reluctant to watch foreign films has always welcomed American cinema.” As we see British audience, taste is all for American films, so why should they care if there is even home film industry at all.

The increase in production is also promising but again it does not compare to Britain’s 1940’s levels.

In 1984, British production reached it nadir with only 28 major features released that year.In addition, the 25% tax break for investors in film was abolished making film investment more risky.The National Film Finance Corporation that had been the only source of film financing by government was privatized.American investments were the stimulus for British production that is why it is debatable that some British films were created by pandering to the US market.For the reason of the poor public support of British products, a film in order to be a success has appeal to international audience as well.But in fact, most of what we thought were British produced movies, weren’t actually.A British setting and a British cast and crew do not make it a British film if the money behind the project, and hence the profits from it, lie abroad.This appeal particularly to America, a relatively young nation compared to most other countries, which look to Britain for a heritage they can pretend to be their own.In his article Images for Sale, Thomas Elsaeser says, “whenever the word renaissance crops up in the context of British cinema (as it seems to do at least once a decade), one needs to be wary. It is important to keep track of the statistics when evaluating success of British film industry.Britain has always been a target for international critics, despite of the little support from the home market.British filmmakers won one third of Oscars in the period from 1976 to 1996.


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