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Be sure to use the evidence from the sources fairly and reasonably as the support for the claim you are making.

Your claim should look something like one of these: Shrek, the first animated film to win the Oscar for best animated feature film, is an excellent film because it has a great cast, stunning animation, and a simple but powerful story.

It should begin with a good hook that draws the reader into the paper.

An effective example, a shocking bit of statistics, an intriguing quotation: either of these would make a good hook. (The remainder of these outlines will assume that you’ve written a solid enthymeme with three distinct reasons.) That means your enthymeme will seek to define a controversial term.

That means that your enthymeme will seek to evaluate some aspect of your Pick a Movie.

Note: the first two papers must not contain a “should” (or the idea of making a change).

All free as well as paid prewritten papers feature outdated research and incomplete referencing.

As a result, tailoring the paper to your specifications will take just as much time as writing a new one from scratch.

Note: you may substitute a book, restaurant, TV show, automobile, sports team, etc. You may also write a comparison/ contrast paper which bases its claim on the shared values of the readers and the writer such as the sample paper #2 you’ll find in Shared Files.

Introduction: This paragraph introduces your Pick a Movie.


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