Financial Analysis For Business Plan

Financial analysis and planning are one of the fundamental activities and responsibility for the finance department.

Financial analysis and planning help an organization in achieving strategic tasks and objective within available resources.

The external stakeholders could be investors and financial institution.

For example, Financial Data Mart kind of system pulls in information from different payroll, accounting and payables/receivable modules to provide accurate monthly financial information.

The key responsibility of financial analysis and planning team is facilitate management in formulating short and long-term objectives, carrying out cost-benefit analysis and ensuring targets are met through periodic reviews.

Another responsibility is to ensure that management’s actions create profitability for organization by providing relevant financial information.

A further analysis needs to be done whether factors driving over spend can be controlled or not.

Financial analysis requires studying of liquidity, profitability and long-term sustainability.

Organization needs to analyze the current and future internal business scenario as well as external developments, which impacting the business.

Forecasting tools such as Hyperion Planning Tool is apt in helping organization achieve this task.


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