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French people are famous for never […] William Alexandra is a man with a mission – he wants to learn French, to understand what is is to be French, in fact to be French.American born Mr Alexander doesn’t just want to speak it like a student after a couple of years study; he wants to parler proper French, like a native.

French people are famous for never […] William Alexandra is a man with a mission – he wants to learn French, to understand what is is to be French, in fact to be French.

Many of us don’t have the time to go to lessons or we struggle to understand just how to make our mouths form the sounds in the first place.

However French teacher Geri Metz’s online […] French facial expressions – or how to speak French without saying a word!

The word used to refer to shopkeepers living in towns in the Middle Ages.

Now the term is derogatory, and it applies to a person whose beliefs, attitudes, and practices are conventionally middle-class Brown-haired girl.

There’s […] Sur le Pont d’Avignon L’on y danse, l’on y danse Sur le Pont d’Avignon L’on y danse tous en rond Many of us learned that song as kids, about the famous Pont d’Avignon in Provence (real name: Pont Saint-Bénézet).

For those of us lucky enough to visit Avignon and see the bridge in all its […] I love all my animals, five cats, three dogs, four geese, 13 ducks and 25 chickens.

[…] Making friends in France isn’t difficult I’ve found.

They don’t care if my French is not great or I get my grammar all wrong.

But the French don’t drink wine, buy bread and eat cheese like in the movies set in Paris.

So, if you want to learn how to drink wine like the French do and look like a local and not a tourist when you’re in […] When it comes to speaking French as a foreigner, it can be very difficult to get those tricky pronunciations right.


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