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Diachronic Identity Bundle Theory Soul Continuity Split Brains Read: Dennett, Where Am I?(R) Chapter 5 Thursday, June 18th, Personal Identity cont.7th Short Answer Due; Distribute 8th Short Answer Bodily Continuity Psychological (Memory) Continuity Fission Jill Bolte Taylor Read: Locke on Identity and Diversity Week Five: Monday, June 22nd, Personal Identity cont.8th Short Answer Due; Distribute 9th Short Answer Movie: Total Recall Discussion Tuesday, June 23rd, Free Will Wrap-up Discussion: Personal Identity Determinism La Place’s Demon Indeterminism Compatibilism Libertarianism Read: Handout: Hume, Selections from An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding (R) Chapter 8 & Chapter 9 Wednesday, June 24th, Free Will cont.I have seen the movie before but never even considered the ideas that we have learned in Medical Humanities.

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Madeline Collins After watching the movie Gattaca and taking this class it really made me think.

Additionally, be on time, turn off your cell phones, don’t interrupt your fellow students (or me), stay awake, and generally be respectful. and I will always end the class on time or a few minutes early.

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The movie is based on genetics and how they affect human beings. Liberal eugenics is used so that only the parent’s best genes are passed onto their children.

Every person is put into a database that can identify and classify people.


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