Gel Pens That Write On Black Paper

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There is a lot of information I put on a piece of paper and these pens do a great job helping me get everything done.” This one almost broke into the top ten in our list of the best pens, making a strong showing at No. Editor Katy Schneider raved, “I love to use this for checklists — you can make the list with blue or black ink, then put little stars next to the urgent items in red ink. ” Over 1,800 verified five-star reviewers praise the Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen — which came in the 97th spot in our list of best pens — for its smooth writing and “heft,” with many recommending it as an “entry-level” fountain pen. According to one purchaser, host Ira Glass is reportedly a fan, too: “[Glass] mentioned these and since I’m a fan of the show and a bit of a pen nerd, I thought I’d give them a try. They produce crisp, thin, very dark lines on most paper types.” Many mention loving these pens for the “fine line” they yield.

One fountain-pen beginner says, “I saw this referenced as a great entry-level fountain pen and gave it a shot. One purchaser was actually “a bit put off” by the very fine tip at first, but was quickly converted into a fan after trying them out.

They like the fine lines, assorted sizes, and ink that doesn’t “bleed through” the page. Have tried several others for my bullet journal and these are perfect. ” Writer Liza Corsillo also mentions the “no bleed” ink in her summary of the 0.35mm Micron for our list of best pens.

One reviewer especially appreciates that this set features a range of sizes.

“I love that there are three sizes to this set — 0.25mm, 0.35mm, and 0.45mm — there is just enough difference in the sizes to be of good use to me.” Plus, a version of these Pigma Micron pens were recommended by a hard-core bullet journaler in our guide to the best bullet journal supplies for beginners.

Gel Pens That Write On Black Paper

testers, the pen has a vocal fanbase on Amazon, many of whom are lefties who appreciate its fast-drying ink that “dries almost instantly” and doesn’t smudge when they write. ” Another raves, “Writes really smooth and dries quickly. ” Almost 200 purchasers mention using this Stabilo pen set for adult coloring books.As one reviewer puts it: “60 pens for this price — amazing! I’ve bought cheap pens where the ink only comes out after you scribble frantically to get it flowing, but these things write smoothly right from the beginning.I bought a box for my friend (never can find a working pen at her house) and now she thinks I’m a goddess!This pen also appeared on our list of the best pens, as a classic choice for a reliable, inexpensive pen.(Author Curtis Sittenfeld happens to be a fan, too).” Another says, “These pens are so inexpensive that they’re practically free.My plan is to saturate the population with them so that no one ever again has to steal a pen. ” Dozens of reviewers write about using Micron pens for bullet journaling.They work reliably, have a comfortable grip in the hand, and, unlike a lot of other smooth-flowing pens, the ink dries quickly enough that I don’t wind up with smudges on the page and ink on my hands.As long as these are available, they’re my pick for a great general-purpose pen.” At a price of for 60 pens, “value” comes up in review after review — but many reviewers don’t even mention this affordable price as a reason to buy this pen, instead focusing on its dependability and smooth writing.We have since bought several more packs of these for gifts.” Another happy purchaser says they’re great general use pens and work well for all sorts of craft projects: “These pens are way nice than I expected.I purchased them as liner pens for some of my watercolor paintings and discovered that they’re actually water soluble/blendable on watercolor paper.


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