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Throughout their reading, students will learn the importance of symbolism as a literary device and what it means when a young person, just like themselves, is forced to grow up too fast.To help students fully reflect upon the reading, encourage them to focus on how Annemarie’s experience in the world is distinctly different from their own and to keep an eye out for symbols, and their significance, as they appear in the story.

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The final piece will ultimately be one that persuades readers to agree with their point of view.

Additionally, to help them dive deeper and develop their skills of persuasion, ask students to research exhibits and collections at Holocaust museums or memorials to create a graphic poster that would inform viewers and persuade them to visit the museum or memorial.

After students have successfully answered these questions, inspire even greater reflection by encouraging them to craft a letter of recommendation for Annemarie to receive an award for bravery.

In this writing exercise, they’ll show how she displayed her bravery and give reasons why they think she should receive the award.

The Found Poem should enable the class to return to the text to focus on those vivid words or phrases used by the author.

In column one, copy phrases or sentences from the novel and class reading or discussion that you find intriguing or interesting or important.

In column two, write your thoughts, ideas or opinions about these phrases or sentences.

Your responses might indicate what the passage means, what it reminds you of, what you don't understand, how you feel about it, or any comment that seems appropriate.

Number the Stars: 5 Writing and Discussion Prompts to Increase Reading Comprehension" data-description="Use these activities to help your students form a better understanding of the themes and symbolism within the book.

" data-content-type="Article" data-date="September 24, 2018" data-grades="3 - 8" data-duration="0" data-duration-measure="Days" data-author-list="" In Number the Stars, young readers learn about the horror of the Holocaust through the eyes of Annemarie Johansen, a 10-year-old from Denmark who is forced to find the bravery and courage within herself to save her family and friends.


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