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For this essay, choose a quotation that the admissions officers won’t see over and over.Stay away from individuals who are constantly quoted — like Dr.

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An admissions officer is much more likely to remember an applicant who has a very specific essay written in a unique and quirky way.

If you can’t immediately think of a pivotal event for this essay, you may want to skip it and try a different one.

We’ve put together a list of common prompts and advice for how to answer them.

For this essay, try finding a part of your identity that will set you apart and highlight the unique perspective you will bring to the university.

It was right there in the last sentence of the first paragraph of Mikey’s college essay. He had a certain way with words, but “henceforth” wasn’t one of his words.

I was supposed to believe this typical high school senior, who had inhabited this planet for a slight 17 years, chose to use the word “henceforth.” Mikey was a good kid. When I circled it, Mikey met my raised eyebrows with his signature closed-mouth smile: “O.Pick an issue that doesn’t come immediately to mind.Try to pinpoint a specific “a-ha” moment your opinion changed, and make sure to give an example of how your changed perspective has influenced your behavior.Essays like this are best answered with significant and unique moments rather than less important ones., etc.) and try to pick a book you have read in school or something unique you read for fun that stayed with you. Inauthenticity will always come through in your writing. Don’t simply put 10 things you enjoy — get specific!The essays should reveal their personalities, passions, dreams, weird talents, favorite foods, sickest playlists, inexplicable loves and undeniable quirks. In fact, a good test of a college essay is: Can the writer convince the reader that she would make a great roommate?Do you like to eat the marshmallows before the milk in your Lucky Charms? So the good news is: The college essay is the purest part of the application.Unlike the other parts of the application, where high grade point averages and SAT scores reign supreme, the essay is less about being impressive than it is about being authentic.It can take some convincing for many kids and parents to believe that when it comes to writing the essays, in particular, college admissions officers care about who students are. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not about unattainable standards or curing cancer.The college application process can be stressful and sometimes overwhelming.A great way to stand out from the crowd and boost an application for a “reach” school is with a strong essay.


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