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Usually, resume writer professional uses a timeline to demonstrate the candidate’s academic and professional experience, indicates the level of proficiency in each skill and displays other information graphically.Icons, graphs, charts, pictures, timelines – everything you cannot imagine in a traditional resume is widely used in graphic one to help your resume show up.

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In this case, if the recruiters aren’t ready for your burst of creativity, they’ll simply focus on the text version.

Thanks to the undisputable advantages we’ve just listed above, visual resumes are great helpers when it comes to increasing your chances for interviews.

Thanks to the attractive design and logical structure, infographics are more pleasant to read than a traditional text resume.

Don’t know where to submit your newly created resume online? Despite the fact that infographic resumes have been popular for years, not many job-seekers have taken advantage of this format so far.

Its biggest advantage is great design: recruiters no longer have to read long pages of text to get the grasp of candidate’s experience and professionalism.

A popular trend over the last few years, infographic resume presents your career history and skills in forms of pictures, charts and graphs.

Thus, our pro tip is: use an infographic as a supplementing document to a good old text resume.

Here are a few ways you can benefit most from an infographic resume: For 10 years, has been offering resume writing help to North American and European job-seekers.

It shows that you’re tech-savvy The growing number of roles require technology skills and creativity. Firstly, since you’ve gone far beyond composing an ordinary resume, it shows your creative approach to solving problem.

And secondly, your ability to organize the information and communicate it graphically points out at the excellent design and communication skills.


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