Grubbs Cross Metathesis Reaction

It’s hard to get excited about a reaction with a 50% theoretical yield and an annoying separation waiting at the end.Fortunately there are some guidelines for CM that can make your time in the lab much more efficient…The seminal paper in this area came out of the Grubbs group ( Type I – Fast homodimerization; the homodimerization product is reactive Type II – Slow homodimerization; the homodimerization product is modestly reactive Type III – No homodimerization Type IV – Metathesis spectator A representative example (also from the Grubbs 2003 paper): When a 1:1 ratio of the two olefins is used, they see an 80% reaction yield.

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Although challenging, the possibility to perform aqueous metatheses has become an attractive alternative, not only because water is a more sustainable medium, but also to exploit biocompatible conditions.

All things being equal, higher dilution will favor intramolecular reactions.

But in metathesis as in life, things are never equal.

And unless you have a strained olefin in your system, the reactions are thermoneutral, so you don’t have to worry about an exotherm.

This makes for the perfect scenario to run reactions neat.


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    This cross-metathesis reaction was introduced in 1997 with the first generation Grubbs catalyst II and the initial results indicated that propargylic alcohol derivatives and terminal olefins with oxygen-containing functional groups were well tolerated. As emphasized in the introduction, self-metathesis of the terminal olefin in the presence of a metathesis catalyst competes with EYCM.…

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    Cross Metathesis – In cross metathesis reactions, you want to favor intermolecular reactions. And unless you have a strained olefin in your system, the reactions are thermoneutral, so you don’t have to worry about an exotherm. This makes for the perfect scenario to run reactions neat.…

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    Comparative yields for the cross-metathesis reaction using two different Grubbs catalysts In this case, the smaller N-heterocyclic carbene ligand directs the reaction down a specific pathway, favouring the formation of the desired product.…

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