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", showing that he needs reassurance about his redemption, and also that he has inherited Hassan's sense of morals.Sohrab then goes on to say "Do you think father is disappointed in me?Hosseini writes ' I hurled the pomegranate at him', where the agressive sounding verb 'hurled' implies Amir's frustration and increasing anger.

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This is significant because the carefully built up trust between Sohrab and Amir being destroyed parallels the trust between Hassan and Amir being destroyed when Amir plants the watch under the mattress. Conclusion The similarities between Baba and Amir are also highlighted here; both of their redemption journeys are both physical and mental.

For Amir, it is going back to Kabul, and for Baba it is the move to America.

Hosseini writes ' I don't know at what point I started laughing, but I did.' The non-finite verb 'laughing' is repeated throughout this paragraph, showing that by being harmed by Assef has provided him with release from the mental pain; he is laughing with relief.

Amir says that 'for the first time since the winter of 1975, i felt at peace' implying that he nows feels that his redemption is complete; he has found tranquility in the fight.

The plosive alliteration is 'bit of business' also suggests this, as well as Assef's power over Amir and his potential atonement.

During the fight, Amir reflects back on his childhood memories of Hassan; the physical pain he is feeling mirrors the mental pain he has gone through since the rape.

" showing that his father is equally as important to him as the idea of going to hell for what he did.

Amir gives Sohrab reassurance, and a new chance in life, when he offers Sohrab the option of goign back to America with him.

Introduction The idea of redemption and guilt is a key theme in The Kite Runner.

With the exception of Hassan, all of the main character in the novel are presented as being on a journey of redemption for past sins, some more so then others.


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