Hamlet'S Relationship With His Mother Essay

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Instead, spying is required for Gertrude to find out about her son's inner mentality.The mother and son relationship takes a further negative turn later.

So when she is in a tight situation she can just play the innocent card and Hamlet will take it, due to his love for his mother.

Gertrude's deceitful nature pushes Hamlet into awful emotional turmoil, causing him to commit even acts of murder.

The relationship between Hamlet and Gertrude is strained at first.

From the beginning of the play to act III, Hamlet is bitter with his mother.

Gertrude's concern with Hamlet's odd behaviour after his encounter with Ophelia in act II scene i also shows the strain in their relationship.

For example, she agrees with Claudius' words that "of Hamlet's transformation" (5) and suggests Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to spy and find out the underlying cause of her son's problems.She tells her son to "cast thy nighted color off" (68) and "all that lives must die" (72).Clearly, she isn't grieving over her late husband's death and instead puts forth an optimistic attitude to her new husband and life.Hamlet by William Shakespeare focuses on the title character plotting vengeance against Claudius for his father's murder to capture the Danish crown.The new king is also Hamlet's uncle and now stepdad due to the marriage with his mother, Gertrude.In act III scene iv, Hamlet and Gertrude's relationship develops into a disrespectful and mistrustful one.Hamlet's rant to persuade her that Claudius is a bad man and the murderer of his father depicts his disrespect to his mother.Gertrude's involvement with the murder of King Hamlet has cost her the mother-son connection with Hamlet which leads to him having an unstable relationship with Gertrude.Hamlet discovers elements of false love in Ophelia as he relates her flaws with Gertrudes'.Ophelia is part of a plan to set up Hamlet which will things such as madness, suicide and depression. A comparison of the love relationship between Ophelia and Hamlet and Gertrude and Claudius, will illustrate that betrayal, selfishness and lack of love cause the downfall of these relationships.There are many examples of betrayal in the play Hamlet.


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