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“What led me to this topic was the lack of scholarly analysis around the Harlem Renaissance dedicated to plays.

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The Black Arts Movement became a milestone in history, as it was the one that inspired black people to open their magazines, art institutions, journals, and publishing houses.

As a result of BAM, the African American Studies programs were launched in many universities.

When you have chosen a topic, it's time to ask some questions.

Applying the 5 W's -- who, what, when, where, why, and how -- to your topic can help you begin to find a more focused issue within that topic that will work well for your assignment.

“My paper asserts that, in part, Harlem Renaissance plays are discarded in how the period is memorialized by scholars because they reveal the complexity of defining Blackness,” Joe explained.

“In particular, I focus on plays by Wallace Thurman and Countee Cullen — "Harlem: A Melodrama of Negro Life" and "The Third Fourth of July," respectively — because neither artist fits the standard lifestyle and philosophy of the period.” In her paper, Joe calls attention to the fact that, although the Harlem Renaissance was a popular artistic movement, it is often talked about in a constricted way – academics tend to only look to a few writers to sum up an entire artistic era.BAM, or the Black Arts Movement, represents an artistic branch of the Black Power movement. The Time magazine wrote that this movement was the most controversial in African-American literature.BAM’s key institution was the Black Arts Repertory Theatre.This guide will help you with the stages of your assignments and papers for the course Harlem Renaissance.Use the adjacent tabs to help you find sources about authors and the commentary surrounding them, in addition to the historical period. Make sure you understand your assignment’s purpose.The objective of the central ideals eschewed by the Harlem Renaissance was to attempt a serious portrayal of the overall African American experience in its totality.The aim was to resuscitate and rescue a deliberately impaired collective psychology and to remould and revive a social perspective that got utterly warped over decades (Kramer & Russ 47). She undertook a research project to learn more about the period and presented her findings, "Thurman and Cullen Were Playwrights Too: Blackness, Genre, and Form in the Harlem Renaissance," at the Celebration of Student Achievement Poster Session in April. Dominique Joe, a graduating English major, appreciates the greats, but she knew that popular learning was only scratching the surface.“The fact that I could turn to her when I was struggling to pinpoint my argument and really focus my research was incredibly helpful,” Joe explained. “I will always thank her for being that academically grounding figure for me through the course of my research for my Summer Scholars Project.” After graduation, Joe plans to study for the GRE and/or the LSAT and apply to either Ph.


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