Hermaphrodite Essay

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Hermaphrodite Essay College Essays On Leadership

Among her findings: Although the rabbis were committed to a “fundamental assumption of gender duality,” they were remarkably interested in the varieties of sexual categories.

“I count seven sexual categories in the literature, and you could probably cook up a few more,” she explained over coffee near Berkeley’s Graduate Theological Union, where she received her doctorate.

“While this might seem like a marginal issue in the tradition, discussions of it pop up all over the place.” Among the detailed sexual categories that the rabbis discuss are androgynos (one born with both primary sexual organs), tumtum (one born with neither) and two kinds of eunuchs, the saris hamah (a man who is sterile from birth) and saris adam (a man who becomes incapable of reproduction).

It is important that affected individuals have access to adequate support to deal with any issues related to the condition.

Their family and friends may also benefit from such support groups.


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