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These competitions came to be known as “breaking” battles.

Basically this was a policy of cleaning all train cars before they were put into service. Without the opportunity to be recognized people lost interest in train cars.

Graffiti was typically done by the young and oppressed youth from various ethnic backgrounds as a way of self-expression and release of creativity.

For example, art has been drawn on walls since the beginning of time, but a new type of graffiti wall art came of the hip hop culture in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s (when Hip-Hop was thought to have begun).

Although teenagers were scribbling their names on walls, signs and other places since the 1950s, more and more kids began to write after a young messenger literally made his mark on society in the early 70s.

Graffiti is a highly individualized style, which is name oriented and personal, and since it’s a way of artistic expression.

The most basic form of graffiti is tagging, which is just writing a word or nickname in some form of fancy lettering, often a variation of script or calligraphy.

Herc’s initial style incorporated a lot of Jamaican style, but New Yorkers were not into reggae yet.

He then adapted his style by chanting over the instrumental portion of the songs.

With the need for more beats, DJ Kool Herc was the first to DJ with two turntables It didn’t take long for the DJ to become an important factor in the growth of Hip-Hop.

DJ’s are looked upon to keep the crowd partying throughout the night and on the dance floor. A DJ can grab any recorded sound and manipulate it to say whatever they want it to say.


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