Hollywood Vs Bollywood Essay

Hollywood Vs Bollywood Essay-6
With a report of the similitude and divergence of culture, film styles, and marketing press between Hollywood and Bollywood, it is much easier to comprehend the true idea behind this filmmaking strategies and approach to success.

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It was considered vital by many, as a creative input of art work and a source of entertainment, education, enlightenment and inspiration for its audiences (6).

It is this definition where the divergence of filmmaking strategy of Hollywood and Bollywood becomes visible.

It is the cultural differences between the Western world and the subcontinent that induce the divide between Indian and Western cinema.

Bollywood caters to an audience that is culturally more robust.

Conventional Indian movies were remarkable narratives typically with a larger focus on family and societal values.

Movies predicated on testimonies where poor orphans who follow the advice of there mothers, conclude becoming the most successful in life portray such worth (5).

Indian audience views intimate content, vulgarity and drugs as degrading and hence it is prevented by film producers.

This is so because as of yet the normal Indian younger era values good levels and coping with there parents more and hardly ever engage in intimacy or drugs.

Additionally, Bollywood leads with over 1000 film productions yearly catering to a global audience of 3 billion.

Hollywood produces more than 500 movies annually and has nearly 2. The first thought that strikes one's mind when you hear the term Hollywood is the North american film Industry, rather than the district that is situated North West of Downtown LA in the talk about of California.


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