Homework Controversy

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depicts homework as one aspect of an overwrought, pressure-cooker school system that constantly pushes students to perform and destroys their love of learning.

The film’s website claims over 6,000 screenings in more than 30 countries.

The 2003 Brown Center Report on American Education included a study investigating the homework controversy.

Examining the most reliable empirical evidence at the time, the study concluded that the dramatic claims about homework were unfounded.

The School districts across the land passed restrictions on homework, culminating in a 1901 statewide prohibition of homework in California for any student under the age of 15.

The crusade would remain powerful through 1913, before a world war and other concerns bumped it from the spotlight.

The next category down (in terms of homework load), students with less than an hour, increased from 36% to 44%.

One can see, by combining the bottom two rows, that students with an hour or more of homework declined steadily from 1984 to 2008 (falling from 38% to 27%) and then ticked up to 30% in 2012.

An overwhelming majority of students, at least two-thirds, depending on age, had an hour or less of homework each night.

Surprisingly, even the homework burden of college-bound high school seniors was discovered to be rather light, less than an hour per night or six hours per week.


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